Volt Regensburg

Volt Europa is a progressive and paneuropean Party. We are its local chapter in Regensburg 🇪🇺💜!

Wer sind wir?

Hi, we are the local chapter of the paneuropean party Volt Europa, Volt Regensburg! We do local, european, pragmatic and progressive politics. We try to spread Volt in Regensburg and its vicinity!

Upcoming Events

Even though the election is over, Volt Regensburg stays active! We’re working on multiple projects which you can take part in, at once!

Meet & Greet

On December 1st. Volt Regensburg is hosting a digital Meet & Greet. At 18:00 o’clock, you may join our weekly team meeting, to get to know the people behind Volt Regensburg. At 19:00 o’clock the actual Meet & Greet starts. Feel free to join!


We’re planning a humanitarian event, to raise money and warm clothing for immigrants who live at the EU-borders under horrible conditions. More information is following!

Was ist Volt?

Online Events