Volt Odense

The Pan-European Party in Odense 🇪🇺
Future 💜 made in Europe

What is Volt Odense?

Volt Odense is the local chapter of Volt Denmark.
We have our home in Odense,
where we strive to introduce the paneuropean ideas through political meetings,
social events and campaigning.
We offer weekly meetings, participation in events and workgroups held by Volt Danmark,
which we work very closely with.
Being with others politically engaged cannot help but be cosy,
so we hope to have more informal meet ups.
Socialising and political engagement is part of being active in Volt,
and we have a lively online community you can join across Europe 🇪🇺
In Volt we want all opinions to be heard,
no matter nationality.
So don’t be afraid to write,
or visit us for a talk on citizen empowerment and pan-European cooperation!

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Volt Danmark